Four ballerinas immersed in culture are the Divine Fluctuations by Franco Taranto, an eye that captures the soul

“Women as goddesses, primordial elements of nature appear in a magical dimension as if suspended beyond space and time, images painted with light, in a scenario that enhances the creativity of the artist who is this great photographer”. The words of the journalist Carla Ferrari outline best the well-known Swiss photographer Franco Taranto, who created his latest work under water.

A very demanding work entitled “Divine Fluctuations”, created after months of studying colors, shapes and volumes combined with fabrics and underwater effects. Places of excellence of culture are the backdrop for the dancers. In a combination of fashion, art and culture. The sets recreated underwater depict the Louvre, Versailles, Paris Opera, St. Peter’s, the Teatro La Fenice, Leonardo’s Last Supper, the La Scala Theater and the Federal Palace.

Light figures and fabrics that envelop them like peplums of Greek statues. White like the innocence of a goddess, blue like the immensity of the sky, gold like the power of ambition, black like the color before dawn, red like a woman’s strength and passion.

Franco Taranto makes emotions visible through underwater shots of four Swiss dancers Francesca Lapadula, Nancy Brusorio, Milena Crameri, Taisia Crippa dancing against the backdrop of iconic monuments and the dancer
Mattia Kaufmann who played Jesus in the Last Supper.

The designer Rosanna Stega also participated in the photographer’s project, designer of the dresses with 220 meters of fabric as indicated by the photographer, distributed in 8 dresses, with Make-Up Artist Franziska Lerch,
Romina Kalsi, Oxana Kolesnikova, in total 12 staff people in rotation that helped underwater and diving.

With this work he invites the viewer on a journey to discover culture and emotions, immersing them in a fairytale and dreamy world where silence prevails. Only the soft movements of the fabrics and the dancers in the water are perceived. The recreated settings speak directly to the soul and invite the viewer to go beyond shapes and volumes.

Franco Taranto is the author of “VICTIMS OF BEAUTY – Silence Kills Dignity”, a work awarded in Milan and the City of Lugano in 2017 and 2018, as the best anti-violence campaign against women.


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